7 Slip & Fall Prevention Tips for Your Commercial Business

7 Slip & Fall Prevention Tips for Your Commercial Business

Slip and fall injuries can present big problems for large and small businesses. Not only are customers and guests susceptible to slips, trips, and falls on your property, but so are employees. Slips and falls, according to the National Floor Safety Institute, account for more than one million ER visits annually.

These injuries aren’t without consequence either. They can result in:

  • Fractures
  • Head Injuries
  • Disability
  • Lost Time at Work
  • Death

The bottom line is that slip & fall injuries in the workplace can cost businesses big and preventing these injuries needs to be addressed.

These 7 tips can help you reduce the risk of slips and falls in your commercial business.

1) Have a Policy in Place for Prompt Removal of Snow and Ice

Snow and ice in parking lots and on sidewalks contribute greatly to the risk of slips and falls inside retail stores and restaurants as well as on the building’s exterior. Removing snow and ice reduces the risks of slips and falls during winter months.

2) Make a Policy of Mopping Spills, Water, and Liquid Immediately Upon Discovery

Water on floors can be brutal.

Whether the water is tracked in during rain showers, the result of melting ice and snow, or the result of spills that happen on the premises, addressing the problem promptly can avoid unnecessary accidents and injuries.

Taking care of spills quickly means people are less likely to slip or fall as a result of the liquid on the floor. The same should be said for addressing potential hazards in common walkways. Prompt removal is essential for reducing the risks of injuries.

3) Place Signs by Entrances During Rainy or Wintry Weather

No matter how diligent you are in efforts to keep water off the floors during inclement weather, it’s nearly impossible to keep up – especially in heavily trafficked areas. In addition to your efforts to keep the water mopped properly, make sure to place wet floor signs signaling customers to be cautious when approaching.

Signs indicate that you are aware of the situation and acting to protect your employees and guests from injury by making them aware of the risks of slipping and falling.

4) Invest in Floor Mats and Place them in Strategical Locations

Great places to add floor mats include the area near entrances, areas leading into or out of restaurant kitchens, and on hard surfaces near bathrooms that might become slippery during busy times when your staff is unable to check them as frequently as you would like.

Floor mats will help to soak up water tracked into your business from the outside that causes slippery floors.

5) Choose Slip Resistant Floors

CNA, a leading provider of insurance solutions for businesses, recently released the results from their 2017 Slip and Fall Study Report. This report indicated that flooring in 50 percent of the sites studied failed to meet minimal dynamic coefficient of friction (DCOF) levels. Make sure the flooring for your business meets those levels to reduce the risks of slips and falls.

6) Check Bathrooms Frequently throughout Shifts

While people are in and out of restaurant kitchens, a common gathering place for water, grease, and other liquids; your staff may have a tough time making time to check the bathrooms during a busy shift. Make it a priority as the restrooms tend to attract water and spills that can cause uncomfortable slips, falls, and injuries.

7) Invest in Better Exterior Lighting

Since nearly 33 percent of commercial business slip and fall injuries occur in parking lots, it is very important to eliminate potential problems in your parking lots and other exterior spaces with poor lighting. One way to do this is by investing in ample exterior lighting so people can see when walking in and out of your business from their vehicles.

These seven tips can go a long way toward helping you prevent slips and falls in your commercial space.

Because you cannot possibly prevent every possible slip and fall accident, it is vital that you protect your interests, and those of your business, with adequate business insurance that includes abundant general liability coverage, umbrella liability protection, commercial property insurance, and worker’s compensation insurance protection.

These represent minimal protections you should invest in for your business that provides you with coverage if someone does slip and fall on your property and injures themselves.

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