Commercial Property Insurance

At Insurance Center of North Jersey, we believe in intelligent insurance – and have delivered just that for more than 80 years. We have extensive knowledge about the insurance needs of New Jersey residents and business owners that we put to work for you. Our goal is to aid you in making sound commercial business insurance choices and more.

We provide quality commercial building insurance choices and work with top-rated insurance providers so that we can provide you with the best possible insurance coverage your budget and cost allocations will allow.

We take great pride in offering service that is truly personalized to meet your insurance needs each and every time.

What Does Insurance Center of North Jersey Offer in Commercial Property Coverage?

When it comes to commercial property insurance coverage, this means great things for you and your business endeavors. Our available coverage includes the following, though we offer complete coverage that we can tailor to meet your unique and specific coverage needs as well.

Apartment Building Insurance

If you’re an apartment building owner, we have the right insurance coverage to protect your investment from a wide range of damages, including damage from tenants, their pets, vandals, and other named disasters.

Condominium Association Insurance

This valuable coverage insures everything outside of individual unit upgrades. It provides coverage for the basic building, though not for the additions condo-unit owners make to their condos. The things it covers include public areas, elevators, building structure, wiring, plumbing, outside areas, pools, recreational areas, etc. It also offers liability coverage for things that happen on condo property.

Garden Apartment Insurance

Provides coverage for liability for tenants and guests that are injured on the property, protects the structure of the property from covered events, employer liability insurance, equipment breakdown insurance, advertising liability coverage, and more.

Landlord Insurance

Insurance coverage protects you from liability issues related to injury or property damage by or on your property as well as protecting the structure of the home on your property, contents that belong to you, and the structure of outbuildings on the property as well.

Multi-Family Dwelling Insurance

The things you’re looking for in multi-family dwelling insurance is not necessarily the lowest rates. Instead, is the most robust coverage for liability, personal property losses, and structural damage to the property, we can help you with that.

Rental Property Insurance

As the owner of a rental property you need to protect your investment property from certain perils, as well as the people renting the property from you. You must also protect your personal assets with an adequate amount of liability coverage.

Shopping Center Insurance

The bigger your shopping center, the more important it becomes to get an accurate insurance quote on covering your investment. These things can be affected by location of the property, nature of the shopping center, and the scope of the properties structure (quality of materials and how modern the structure happens to be).

Vacant Property Insurance

Vacant properties have unique risks of their own – including greater risks for vandalism and potential liability issue. We can make sure you have the right kind of protection for your property when it is vacant just as we do when properties are filled.

EPL Tenant Discrimination Coverage

Helps to protect property owners in the event a tenant files a lawsuit.

Don’t wonder if you have the right coverage for your business needs.

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