Commercial Property Insurance

Commercial property insurance is an essential tool for protecting your investment in both commercial buildings and residential buildings. Whether your property deals strictly with commercial buildings, residential buildings, or some combination of the two, getting the right coverage and protection is essential for keeping your investment safe. 

Commercial Buildings

Commercial buildings come in all shapes and sizes, serving a wide range of needs. In addition to restaurants and cafes, there are countless other businesses commercial buildings house. Each one requires commercial property insurance for the protection of the business and your interests in it.

Types of commercial real estate insurance products include:

  • Shopping Center Insurance. Specific protection that shields building owners from many of the risks inherent to shopping centers. This includes liability risks as well as physical damage to the property.
  • Vacant Property Insurance. Sometimes properties remain vacant while waiting for new tenants. Placing them at greater risks for acts of vandalism, fires, and other unobserved damages. This type of insurance provides greater protection while these properties are vacant during transitions.
  • Landlord Insurance. Provides protection for the structures of the buildings you own and lease to others as well as a small amount of general liability protection, too.
  • Fencing and Landscaping Insurance. A type of commercial property insurance that helps to cover the costs of replacing fencing and landscaping you’ve invested in for your buildings.
  • Mechanical Equipment Protection. Mechanical equipment such as boilers, furnaces, garage doors, and mechanisms, etc. need insurance protection too, in case they are damaged by tenants, by lightning, by acts of vandalism, and more.
  • Computer and Other Office Equipment. This helps to replace office equipment, computers, etc. that are used by your property managers if they are damaged in a covered event.
  • Umbrella Liability Insurance. In some cases, the extent of your liability insurance protection is insufficient to meet your needs. Umbrella liability protection kicks in once standard liability protection is exhausted and offers additional assistance.

Commercial building insurance is only one part of the puzzle when it comes to keeping your business safe.

Residential (Habitational) Building

Finding the right commercial building insurance for your residential or habitational buildings is just as important as getting the right types of protection for your other commercial properties. These types of coverages will help protect your assets and investments in residential real estate.

  • Apartment building Insurance. Offers protection for apartment owners from the damage tenants do, their pets do, or nameless vandals do in addition to protecting your properties from natural disasters and other named hazards.
  • Condominium Association Insurance. Because individual condo owners are responsible for insuring their own properties, condo association insurance provides insurance protection for public spaces, mechanical issues associated with the condo, and office spaces designated for condo use.
  • Garden Apartment Insurance. Offers protection for the structure of the property and liability protection for you, as the property owner.
  • Landlord Insurance. Provides protection for the structure of your building, personal property you own stored on the property, and liability protection, too.
  • Mixed-Use Insurance. Protection for buildings that have both commercial and residential tenants. Such as a storefront on the bottom and an apartment on the top.
  • Multi-Family Dwelling Insurance. Robust insurance protection for the specialized needs you experience when investing in a multi-family dwelling, including appliances and mechanicals for multiple units, liability protection, and coverage to protect liability in public walkways, parking lots, and more.
  • EPL Tenant Discrimination Coverage. If tenants file lawsuits claiming discrimination, this coverage offers financial protection for the legal aspect of the case as well as the financial matters involved.
  • Vacant Property Insurance. Vacant residential rentals are prime targets for arson, vandalism, and unobserved disasters (pipes bursting, mold, and more). Vacant property insurance provides specific protection against these types of accidents.
  • Umbrella Liability Insurance. Any property owner is a target for nuisance lawsuits. Unfortunately, some of them may stick. Umbrella liability insurance provides you additional liability protection once you’ve exceeded the limits of your existing liability insurance.

Commercial property insurance is essential for all commercial business owners. Whether your tenants are retail stores, warehouses, industrial plants, or residential housing. It protects your investments, limits your liabilities, and helps you sleep better at night knowing your properties are covered. 

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