Insurance for Landscapers

Getting the right insurance coverage for your landscaping, tree trimming, or lawn service business is more important than you may realize.

At Insurance Center of North Jersey, we understand that businesses in different industries have unique and specialized needs when it comes to insurance coverage. We work closely with you to make sure you have the right type of landscaping business insurance.

If you have any questions or need guidance with your insurance needs, please reach out to us. We're here to help you find the right coverage:

Who Needs Landscaping Insurance?

Anyone who owns and operates a business that involves lawn care, landscaping, tree trimming, lawn sprinkler installation, and other similar services needs insurance that takes their specific industry business risks into account.

You have coverage needs that are unique to your industry: From the equipment you use to conduct your business, the trucks you use to haul the equipment, and protection for the men who work for you, there are many needs to keep in mind, including the following.

General Liability Insurance

What happens if one of your employees accidentally kills the roots of a 300 year old twisted oak tree, cuts the wrong tree, or cuts a tree that falls onto a nearby home or vehicle? General Liability insurance provides protection for your business when you make mistakes in the course of your work.

Herbicide/Pesticide Coverage

While you go to great lengths to ensure that you use products that are safe for the plants and trees you care for, it’s quite possible that herbicides and/or pesticides may have unintended consequences if accidentally sprayed on decks, masonry, or trim on one of the homes you service.  Most towns require a certificate of insurance confirming you have the coverage for your pesticide license.

Inland Marine Coverage

Your tools and equipment are investments in your business. Without them, your business cannot operate. When this equipment becomes damaged on a worksite, it can be devastating for your business. Landscaping insurance provides protection for these items when they are being used on job sites as well as covered if stolen when locked up.

Commercial Vehicle Insurance – Including trailers

This is something you can’t afford to go without as a contractor who visits job sites. One additional thought, however, is that if you have employees who also visit job sites in their vehicles on behalf of your business, you need to invest in landscaping liability insurance coverage for non-owned vehicles as well. This will help take the pressure off you and your business if they are at fault in an accident but have inadequate liability protection to cover the award made against them.

General Business Insurance Needs

The lawn care insurance coverages above are in addition to standard insurance protection that most businesses need. You still need the standard business owner’s policy. This policy will vary from one insurance provider to the next, but typically includes some or all of the coverages mentioned below:

But that isn’t all the coverage you’ll need as a business owner. Depending on the laws in your state and the size of your business, you may be required to purchase workers’ compensation coverage for your employees, commercial umbrella insurance, data breach coverage (if any business-related information is stored on computers, smartphones, etc.) and employment practices liability insurance.

Why Insurance Center of North Jersey?

Insurance Center of North Jersey has more than 80 years of experience serving the insurance needs of North Jersey businesses. We work with you to create a policy that’s tailored to your unique needs and that works with your budget. We go beyond that, though, by helping you to manage your risks as a business so that you can reduce your insurance costs over time.

With Insurance Center of North Jersey we specialize in minimizing your risks while working at the same time to make sure that your losses are limited when covered events occur.

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