Liquor Store Insurance

Purchasing insurance is one of the most important decisions a liquor store owner can make.  You have specific needs for coverage that go beyond what the average business requires.

The Insurance Center of North Jersey can help you meet those needs today and as laws related to liquor stores change over the years.

If you have any questions or need guidance with your insurance needs, please reach out to us. We're here to help you find the right coverage:

What Kind of Coverage does New Jersey Liquor Stores Need?

Just like all business insurance policies, the standard business owner’s policy is only half the story. It does help to reduce overall insurance costs by offering discounted rates on a bundle of commonly needed coverages. These include things like: commercial property insurance, general business liability coverage, business income insurance, and more – depending on which company you purchase your policy from.

Below are a few additional types of business insurance coverage you may find your liquor store needs.

  • Crime Insurance. Liquor stores are popular targets for criminals. There is reason robbing liquor stores are commonly used in television, film, and novels. It’s a common target because people still spend cash there and there is often little security. Crime insurance helps by providing coverage for losses that occur when crimes take place.
  • Liquor Liability Insurance. This protects your business from liabilities that are specifically related to the liquor you sell. When people harm others under the influence of alcohol purchased in your store, you could be found legally liable for injuries or property damage they caused – if certain conditions are met. General business liability insurance won’t cover this particular situation so you need the add-on coverage a liquor liability policy provides.
  • Cyber Liability Insurance. Sometimes referred to as data breach insurance, this provides protection if someone hacks into your computer systems and gains access to credit card numbers or other personal information about your customers.
  • Workers Compensation Insurance. Whether your business is legally required to provide workers compensation coverage to employees under New Jersey law or not, and most businesses are, it is a worthwhile investment to make to provide for employees who are injured while on the job.
  • Equipment Breakdown Coverage. Some of the equipment in the average liquor store is valuable and necessary for the sake of the business. This includes things like refrigeration units, point of sales systems, and computers. This coverage helps to repair or replace those units quickly and when they breakdown without causing undue financial hardship to the business.
  • Employee Dishonesty Insurance. This protects your business from dishonest actions of employees, such as stealing from your business or stealing from your customers.

These are only a few general coverages you will need in order to protect your liquor store properly. We can help create a customized insurance and risk management plan that is unique to the specialized needs of your business.

Why Work with Insurance Center of North Jersey for Your Liquor Store Insurance Needs?

The Insurance Center of North Jersey has been representing the needs of New Jersey businesses for more than 80 years. During that time we’ve developed a reputation for dealing fairly and honestly with our customers while providing exemplary service. We understand that all businesses are unique and offer a variety of options to ensure that you have the protection you need.

We believe that our commitment to work with you to get the right kind of coverage to meet your needs is the one thing that really sets us apart from the bulk of our competitors. Because we’re an independent agency we can compare options to get you the best coverage for the best price.

Learn more about your liquor store insurance coverage options or get quotes on your coverage options by calling Insurance Center of North Jersey at 201-525-1100 or via email today.