Flood Insurance

Insurance Center of North Jersey offers flood insurance through the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) to residents of Maywood, NJ as well as all of New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and New York.

Our goal is to provide you with the best overall insurance experience, including providing you with full information about your flood risks and your flood protection needs.

If you have any questions or need guidance with your insurance needs, please reach out to us. We're here to help you find the right coverage: info@icnj.com.

What You Need to Know about Flood Insurance

Insurance for floods offers protection many homeowners do not fully realize they need until it’s too late. Floods are not isolated to waterfront regions, like the Jersey shore. You do not need to live on a river, lake, or ocean in order to face significant flooding risks.

In fact, many floods occur each year throughout the interior regions of New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and New York that are far inland and have no history of flooding.

Many different events, or a perfect string of events, can lead to localized and area-wide flooding.

  • Flash Floods
  • Dam Failures
  • Levee Breaks
  • Tropical Storms
  • Hurricanes
  • Aftermath of Wildfires
  • Snow and Ice Melts
  • Excessive Rain
  • Construction and Development
  • Tidal Surge
  • Heavy Snowfall
  • Overflow from Rivers, Streams, and Lakes

Without insurance for flood coverage, the costs to repair the structure of your home and replace ruined contents can be devastating. Insurance serves to insulate you from the full scope of the financial damage caused by flooding.

Do not make the mistake of believing that your home is safe from all flood risks because it has not flooded in the past. Many regions, cities, and neighborhoods flood for the first time each year. Many of them were not prepared with flood-related insurance coverage which left them facing serious financial hardships.

A Preferred Risk Flood Policy is designed for homeowners and tenants of eligible buildings in low to moderate flood hazard areas who want to help protect their home and contents in the event of a flood.

Contact us to see if you are eligible.


Insurance for floods does not cover everything in your home when it comes to structural damage or contents. Improvements made to basements and garages, for instance, and items that are stored there are not covered by flood protection.  For more information, contact us or go to floodsmart.gov.

Coverage Caps

This type of insurance coverage is limited in scope. Unlike traditional home insurance that allows users to buy more insurance if needed, flood protection has established coverage limits of $100,000 for one to four family home contents and $250,000 for one to four family home structure.

Business structures have higher limits for caps and contents (at $500,000 each) and renters share the $100,000 content limit with homeowners.  When the need arises for higher structure or contents limits their is a solution.  Excess Flood coverage is available from a secondary company.

Waiting Period

Most flood policies have a 30-day window before they go into effect. This means you cannot wait until a hurricane is bearing down or flood warnings are issued to purchase the coverage. The sooner you make this investment, the better it will be for your family and your property.

Types of Flood Protection Coverage

There are essentially two types of insurance coverage offered by the NFIP. One protects the structure of your home or business and the other protects the contents. Home and business owners can purchase both types of coverage. People who rent homes or apartments should consider securing flood protection for the contents of their home at the very least.

Why Choose Insurance Center for North Jersey for Your Flood Coverage Needs?

As a predominant fixture in the New Jersey for more than 80 years, we understand the needs of the people who call this great area home. Let us help you navigate the murky waters of insurance for floods in order to find the perfect policy for your needs, and to satisfy requirements of lenders for people who live in areas identified as “high risk” flood zones.

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