What Car Owners Should Know

November 19th, 2013 by admin


Did you know that if you have group health insurance you could reduce your personal auto insurance costs?  That’s right; many policyholders have a choice in who pays for medical expenses resulting from an auto accident.


If you have a health insurance policy, a group health insurance plan at work, a health maintenance organization contract or other similar health-coverage provider, you may be able to assign that provider the primary responsibility for paying such medical bills. The discount available if you choose the health-insurer option will vary, usually between $250-$500 per policy. You are given the choice on New Jersey’s auto insurance Coverage Selection Form.  This is a form you fill out when applying for coverage, or renewing an existing policy.


If you are satisfied that your health insurer would provide adequate coverage if you are in an accident, give us a call and we can check what discount is available to you as well as compare the health benefits to those provided through Personal Injury Protection, or PIP.


Contact Allison Sanchez at 201-525-1100 ext. 19 or via email at asanchez@icnj.com and find out how you can reduce your auto insurance costs.