Tree Damage: What’s Covered?

October 11th, 2013 by admin

Trying to get just the right amount of homeowners insurance for your house and possessions may leave you feeling a bit lost and unfortunately, all homeowners insurance policies aren’t created equal. That’s why it pays to have us review your coverage to ensure your policy meets your needs and not some cookie cutter policy from a one size fits all insurance company.

Recently, many people learned the hard way what their policies cover and don’t cover with regard to tree damage. Most companies will pay to have trees removed from the damaged structure, such as your home, garage or fence, but will not pay to remove the tree from your yard. However, there are some companies that will.

When a tree falls, it doesn’t matter on whose property the tree originated, even if it’s city property. There is no liability in most cases since it most likely an act of nature, so each property owner is responsible for the deductible, the tree removal and any damage caused unless your policy has an endorsement specifying that coverage.

Damage to your car from falling trees or tree limbs is covered under the “comprehensive” part of your auto insurance policy — if you’ve purchased that coverage. Comprehensive auto coverage also protects you for damages from fire, theft, hail and water damage.
But if you drive into a downed tree or limb in the roadway, the damage to your car will be covered by your own collision insurance again, only if you’ve purchased that coverage.

You spend a lot of money on insurance policies for your home and auto, so you want to be sure you’re protected. After all, your home maybe your biggest investment and your automobile helps preserve your livelihood – that’s exactly why you should contact Allison Sanchez(x19) or As an independent insurance agent, she represent smore than one insurance company. She can offer you multiple coverage options that suite your needs. We believe understanding your coverage is the best way to protect your investment and livelihood, so don’t hesitate, call Allison today.