Sandy-Another Reminder on Why Windstorm Insurance is so Important

April 22nd, 2013 by admin

Our local communities suffered widespread destruction when Super storm Sandy hit late last October. Heavy winds and rising tides caused flooding, downed power lines, and felled trees which destroyed homes and shuttered businesses; many are still not back to normal. The past few years we’ve been learning some valuable lessons about the forces of nature. It’s not possible to stop natural disasters from occurring, but you can mitigate the loss from damage by planning and preparation. Many people were unaware prior to Sandy ‘s visit that their homeowners insurance came with special deductibles that kick-in when claims are related to wind storms. These storms are often associated with Nor’easters, Tropical Cyclones, and other types of storms producing high winds.  These special deductibles tend to be percentage deductibles for this type of storm related damage, rather than a flat dollar amount.

You need to check if and see if a specific deductible have been added to your policy for damage from windstorms.  For assistance contact Jennifer Manthey at (201) 525-1100 x20 or or Andrew Radespiel at 201-525-1100 x21 or  They can review your current policy with you and offer you a policy that doesn’t have a windstorm deductible.  Most of the insurers we represent allow homeowners to choose whether to accept a separate windstorm deductible for wind related damage, except in certain coastal areas where the deductible is mandatory.

Don’t wait until the next Sandy contact Jenn or Andrew today.