Liability when trampoline fun leads to injury.

February 28th, 2013 by admin

Sure, trampolines are fun.  And  a great  way for your child to exercise.

But before you turn the kids loose, it’s important to understand that trampolines may not play well with your homeowner’s insurance policy because of safety issues.

If you own, or plan on owning, a trampoline, contact us so we can look into your  insurance company’s trampoline-specific policies, and also any state-specific exceptions that may impact your insurance.  It’s the best way to figure out how your trampoline can affect you.

The fun that comes with a trampoline can also be accompanied by serious risks-hence the possibility of insurance consequences. There are certain measures you can take to keep the “bouncing-fun” as safe as possible:

-Supervise the kids as they play, and keep things from getting too wild.

-Don’t allow more than one child on the trampoline at one time.

-Don’t allow flips or somersaults.

-Install a safety net and padding on all springs and metal parts.

-Set the trampoline up away from trees, play structures, fence posts, or other obstacles.

-Set the trampoline up inside a fenced area with a locking gate.