**Hurricane Sandy could be a Halloween nightmare**

October 25th, 2012 by admin

If you thought last year’s crippling late October snowstorm was a handful, this year’s pre-Halloween horror show might just make your head spin.

Hurricane Sandy’s rampage through the Caribbean is only the beginning: Forecasters say the storm is morphing into a monstrous nor’easter and slam the U.S. East Coast next week.

Sandy overnight became a category 2 hurricane. The computers models continue to show eventually the storm will end up in New England. This storm could cause big problems.

The National Weather Service is advising that Hurricane Sandy could affect New Jersey.

Does your insurance cover disastrous storm, bringing coastal flooding, drenching rainfall, high winds, downed trees, power outages, travel mayhem and even Appalachian snow?

Could this happen? Unfortunately, yes. In Raritan Township, the Office of Emergency Management is actively preparing, coordinator Frank Veneziale said last night.

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