Does your Business Insurance need additional coverages?

December 18th, 2012 by admin

If you are a business owner you have probably had to decide whether your business insurance is over covering your business or undercovering your business. Most companies have the most basic business insurance coverage such as: liability insurance, property insurance and services like worker’s comp.

Some important additional coveraged that is not covered:

Business Interruption Insurance will provide a way for your business to continue to flourish in case a disaster struck that closed down your operations.

Flood & disaster insurance  protects against natural disasters and allows a business owner to file claims based on the damages caused.

commercial umbrella policy will cover your business beyond the limits that the basic commercial insurance provides.

There are many more additional insurance coverages that can provide protection for your business. Contact us today, we can walk you through the business listing everything that should be covered for the most exact insurance solution.