Are You at Risk for Identity Theft?

July 11th, 2012 by admin

Test your “Identity Quotient”

___ I receive several offers of pre-approved credit every week. (5 points)

___ I do not shred the pre-approved credit card offers I receive (cross-cut shredder preferred) before putting them in the trash. (5 points)

___ I carry my social security card in my wallet. (10 points)

___ I use a computer and do not have up-to-date anti-virus, anti-spyware, and firewall protection. (10 points)

___ I do not believe someone would break into my house to steal my personal information. (10 points)

___I have not ordered a copy of my credit reports for atleast 2 years. (20 points)

___ I use an unlocked, open box at work or at my house to drop off my outgoing mail. (10 points)

___ I do not have a P.O. Box or a locked, secured mailbox. (5 points)

___ I carry my military ID in my wallet at all times. (It may display my SSN). (10 points)

___ I do not shred my banking and credit card information, using a cross-cut “confetti” shredder, when I throw it in the trash. (10 points)

___ I throw away old credit card and debit cards without shredding or cutting them up. (5 points)

___ I use an ATM machine and do not examine it for signs of tampering. (5 points)

___I provide my Social Security number (SSN) whenever asked, without asking why its needed or how it will be safeguarded. (10 points)

Add 5 points if you provide it orally wiothout checking to see who might be listening nearby.

___ I respond to unsolicited email messages that appear to be from my bank or credit card company

___ I leave my purse or wallet in my car. (10 points)

___I have my driver’s license number and/or SSN printed on my personal checks. (10 points)

___ I carry my Medicare card in my wallet at all times. (It displays my SSN.) (10 points)

___ I do not beieve people would root around my trash looking for credit or financial information or for documents containing my SSN. (10 points)

___ I do not verify that all financial (credit card, debit card, checking) statements are accurate monthly. (10 points)